Illuminate Naked Lash & Brow Serum


Illuminate Naked Serum can be used every day to hydrate and condition your brows and lashes to eliminate dry coarse hair.  This serum will help grow your brows and lashes longer and fuller. This serum is also the perfect aftercare product for anyone who gets brow lamination/lash lifts, conditioning the hair and keeping it healthy and strong in between treatments. It can also be used to style your brows.

You wouldn’t shampoo your hair without conditioning it would you? You wash your face at least twice a day with your cleanser and then you probably apply a moisturiser to rehydrate your skin, am I right? So when do you rehydrate your lashes and brows? Your lash and brow hairs often have makeup on them, mascara, brow gel etc. After you cleanse them, thats where Illuminate Naked Serum comes in to keep your brows and lashes in perfect condition!

* Perfect aftercare for brow and lash treatments

* Use to style your brows daily

* Packed with nourishing ingredients like Argon oil & Squalane to hydrate and condition.

* Stimulates growth in both brows and lashes

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