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This instrument was pioneered by world renowned reconstructive surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, the Founder and Scientific Director of Environ. It has a smooth action roller head embedded with durable 0.1 mm stainless steel micro-needles for use on the face and neck. Dramatically increases the effectiveness of your active skincare products by allowing improved penetration of essential vitamins into the skin. The Cosmetic Roll CIT helps to restore skin tightness, smooth fine lines, reduces pigmentation, thickens thin skin, softens scars and reduces dilated blood vessels.

Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT is the latest breakthrough in skin care treatments, allowing for improved penetration of vitamins into the skin layer. The Cosmetic Roll-Cit consists of “micro-needles” that create tiny micro-channels in the upper layers of the skin.


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  •  Tightens the skin
  •  Enhances penetration of active ingredients into the epidermis
  •  Does not damage the skin
  •  Softens lines and wrinkles
  •  Reduces pigmentation marks
  •  Reduces the appearance of scarring and pores

How to use:

Your skin should be used to Vitamin A before needling with the Roll CIT and you should only begin home needling when recommended by your skin therapist.

1. Pre cleanse and tone with your Environ cleansers and toners of choice.

2. In small sections of your face roll in different directions to ensure maximum effect of the roll needles. For example, do one side of your forehead and then the other gradually moving down your face.

4. To begin with roll 2-3 times a week and gradually increase, in evening is best.

5. Finish by adding your preferred Environ products such as Avst Moisturisers, C Quence Serum’s. It is normal to feel a little tingle after you apply them as they are penetrating deeper into the skin.

6. Rinse the roller with warm water before and  after use and soak for 15 minutes in Environ Instrument Cleaning Solution every 1-2 weeks. It is very important to keep your roller clean, to avoid contamination as it’s not as beneficial to the skin if it’s dirty.

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