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The new and improved DMK Red Vein Crème visibly reduces permanent and intermittent redness by acting as a vasodilator to increase blood flow, strengthen capillary walls and support skin’s barrier functions.

DMK Red Vein Crème is ideal for those with rosacea, skin redness and swollen capillaries or veins, thanks to its ability to increase blood flow, which reduces the appearance of a flushed complexion.

The innovative and improved formula helps to strengthen capillary walls, support skin’s barrier function and reduce the appearance of spider veins, skin redness and dark circles.

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Benefits of DMK Red Vein Creme:

  • Ideal for treating rosacea, skin redness and swollen capillaries or veins
  • Strengthens capillary walls
  • Supports skin’s barrier functions
  • Formulated with marine sourced Glycosaminoglycans, Vitamins K1, E & B
  • Reduces the appearance of a flushed complexion

How to use: 

DMK Red Vein Creme is ideal for individuals with Rosacea, skin redness, swollen capillaries or veins and those with signs of Telangiectasia (red spider veins). It is also good for the prevention of Hematoma caused by injury or post-surgery.

Size: 30ml

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