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This luxurious lotion contains an expertly formulated combination of highly specialised ingredients that assist in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone and visible sun damage, leaving the skin looking brighter and more evenly toned. It’s the first step in Environs’ revolutionary 3 step Mela Smart System that you use as a target treatment on the areas of pigment you wish to treat.

Mela-Prep Lotion nourishes the skin with important water-soluble ingredients that inhibit the production of melanin. It maintains the skin’s natural acid mantle and can either be used on small, easily defined pigment blemishes, or as a whole face & neck solution for extensive uneven skin tone. Comes complete with a penetrant enhancer that allows for increased penetration of the active ingredients for faster, more effective results.



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Benefits and Skin Types:

  • Contains powerful active ingredients Niacinamide and Sepiwhite-MSH which help control the formation and dispersion of melanin responsible for uneven skin tone.
  • Features a penetrant enhancer which allows for increased penetration of the active ingredients for quicker and more effective results
  • Suitable for pigmented, photo-damaged skins.

How to use:

Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone. Massage Mela-Prep Lotion into the affected areas using the fingertips or use on the entire face and neck. Allow to dry and then apply your preferred Environ vitamin A moisturiser.

Pro Tip:

Use this as part of the 3 step Focus Care Radiance+ range to lighten and brighten uneven pigmentation. This is step 1 along followed by the Mela-Fade System and the Mela-Even Cream.

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