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Danné Montague-King ACU-MIST Tonic for Oily Skin is a rebalancing tonic.

Designed to help acne sufferers restore the very important acid mantle (which acts as a barrier against bacteria, and other potential contaminants) as well as protect against trans epidermal water loss, ACU-MIST is a crucial part of the Acu-System (Klear Collection) routine.

Spray the mist over the skin, then apply the ACU-MOIST moisturiser on top, the mist helps the moisturiser go deep into the layers of the skin. ACU-MIST can be sprayed over the face multiple times a day as an antibacterial barrier and hydrator. ACU-MIST is paraben, sulfate and benzoyl peroxide-free.

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Designed to control acne-causing bacteria, Acu-Mist works to restore the skins acid mantel which acts as a barrier against bacteria and other potential contaminants. While it helps to prevent against infection, containing antiseptics and antibacterial preservatives, it also assists to soothe the skin. Used in conjunction with Acu-Moist, Acu-Mist will help to carry moisturiser into the voids of the skin to keep it hydrated and protecting it against transepidermal water loss. On top of this, it encourages detoxification and circulation of the blood vessels, as ACU-MIST contains ingredients high in vitamins and minerals that help with these processors.

How to Apply:

Spray directly onto cleansed skin and work in with the Acu-Moist.

Therapist’s Tips:

Want to grab a coffee with a friend after the gym and don’t have time to shower? Spray Acu-Mist on your face and chest after sweating to help prevent the bacteria from blocking pores.

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