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Danné Montague-King ACU-KLENZ is an acne cleansing gel which has an effective acne-fighting formulation and is the first step in the Acu-System (Klear Collection) routine. ACU-KLENZ is formulated with calming Aloe Extract to reduce redness and inflammation. ACU-KLENZ also contains Tea Tree, Castor Seed, Thyme and Rosemary extract to encourage pore cleansing and sebum control.

AKU-KLENZ is designed to fight acne-causing bacteria leaving you with clean and clear skin. It is paraben, sulfate and benzoyl peroxide-free.

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A deep cleansing gel, Acu-Klenz works to control breakouts while the skin is being cleaned out and decongested without harmful benzoyl peroxide, paraben and sulphate. This is a great product for people who cannot attend treatments on a regular basis as they start their skin revision program for acne prone skin. It encourages the cell turnover within the skin to slow down while penetrating deep within the oil-filled pores to help remove the build-up of dead cells. As it continues to regulate the skin’s cell turn over and rebalance oil levels during acne treatments, Acu-Klenz can also reduce irritation, inflammation and redness.

How to Apply:

Massage a pea size amount of Acu-Klenz mixed with water into the skin, before rinsing off thoroughly with water. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

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